The Department


Our Mission

The agency is at the service of society in order to ensure a high level of environmental protection and quality of life for the human being in its environment.

We provide support for political decision making, we ensure the application of environmental law and we supervise and assess the state of the environment. We promote ecological practices and encourage innovation for the environment.

Together with the the Nature Conservation Agency as well as the Water management Agency, we put the environmental policy of Luxembourg’s Government into practice.

Our values

Responsibility: We are aware of the consequences of the agency's work and fulfill the tasks that are entrusted to us with thoroughness and integrity.

Team spirit and know-how: we mobilize the individual and collective skills of the people working for the Environment Agency and we adopt a participatory approach with our partners and stakeholders.

Commitment: we participate actively in the construction of an environmentally friendly society model.

Service and respect: we provide quality services to citizens, partners, stakeholders and the community. We develop attentive relationships with our employees in our daily work.

Our vision

The Environmental Agency is a national reference that proactively protects the environment and the quality of human life in its environment. We are managing the environment in a sustainable way through a scientific, integrated and concerted approach with all relevant stakeholders.

We develop an efficient management system to provide a high quality service to citizens, companies and other actors in our society. We are a competent and reliable partner for Luxembourg’s Government.



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